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What is a Coach???

The function of the "Coach" in basketball is dependent on the level at which they are involved. Read about the role of the important figure in basketball. more


The screen if used correctly is a useful offensive move without the ball in hand to help teammates more


Free Throw Shooting

Free Throws are free point scoring opportunities but you must have a steady routine to take advantage of this element of the game more

Tips for Individual Offensive Play - Advanced Shooting

The set shot and the hook shot are ideal ways to shoot the basketball when a small distance from the basket but not close enough for a lay-up more


Tips for Individual Offensive Play - Jump Shot

Get buckets using the jump shot, here's how to increase your percentage of makes more

Tips for Individual Offensive Play - Layup

The lay-up is an effective way to score the basketball close to the basket driving through the keyway more


Tips for Individual Offensive Play - Shooting

To score points in basketball, you need to know how to shoot the ball effectively more

Tips for Individual Offensive Play - Pivoting

Pivots are useful for clearing space and finding another shot option more


The Pentagon of Basketball

Through my experience and observation of Basketball over the years, I have identified five areas as points of importance to develop players and teams Rebounding, Shooting, Defence, Ball-Handling and Balance more

Tips for Individual Offensive Play - Passing and Receiving

A good passing team is difficult to defeat but a bad pass is the most costly error in basketball. more


Tips for Individual Offensive Play - Dribbling

All the ins and outs of how to dribble the ball effectively to increase your teams efficiency more

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