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Tips for Individual Offensive Play - SHOOTING

"COACHES CORNER" with John Heard



1. Relax and concentrate.
2. Shoot only when under control and on balance.
3. Focus on a spot on the rim.
4. Use the backboard only for lay-ups and very short shots.
5. Use a reasonable arch.
6. Practice only those shots that will be used in a game.
7. Know when to shoot.


1. Use the right hand from the right side and the left hand from the left side on all conventional lay-ups.
2. Avoid spin (“english”) on conventional lay-ups.
3. Lay the ball up softly against the backboard.
4. Always use the backboard on lay-ups. On shots from directly in front, use the board by moving slightly to one side before shooting.
5. Do not scoop the ball underhand fashion unless covered from the rear by a tall guard.
6. Practice the lay-up from every conceivable angle and position.
7. The lay-up is possibly the most important single element in the game of basketball. Master it!

Jump Shot 

1. Avoid travelling when stepping in to shoot the jump shot.
2. Jump “strong”, and then relax on the shot.
3. The jump shot is executed by jumping straight up in the air without floating or fading while in the air. (Floating or fading is the most common reason for missing this shot).
4. The ball should be released at the peak or hesitation point of the jump. Don’t, however, exaggerate the hang.
5. When moving for a shot, come to a balanced halt.
6. The shooting hand must be directly behind the ball.
7. Sight (aim) under the ball.
8. Lessen the height of the jump for longer-range shots.
9. A quick jump is important.
10. For the standing jump shot, the shooter may use a short foot slide forward.
11. Use the fake shot or the fake pass before jumping.

The Set Shot 

1. The hand should be squarely behind the ball. Be sure that the ball is held so that the palm of the hand is not in contact with the ball. The fingertips do the control work.
2. Always assume the same position of hands, arms, feet and fingers at the start of the shot.
3. The ball should have a medium arch and enough natural spin to keep it from floating.
4. Practice until every shot is the same. Groove the shot.
5. The hands and arms should follow through as far as possible after the ball leaves the hand.
6. Sight just over the ball.
7. Receive and shoot quickly.
8. Practice faking before shooting.

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