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Tips for Individual Offensive Play - LAY UP

"COACHES CORNER" with John Heard


The Lay-up

1. Use the right hand from the right side and the left hand from the left side on all conventional lay-ups.
2. Avoid spin (“english”) on conventional lay-ups.
3. Lay the ball up softly against the backboard.
4. Always use the backboard on lay-ups. On shots from directly in front, use the board by moving slightly to one side before shooting.
5. Do not scoop the ball underhand fashion unless covered from the rear by a tall guard.
6. Practice the lay-up from every conceivable angle and position.
7. The lay-up is possibly the most important single element in the game of basketball. Master it!

If you'd like me to come out to your training sessions and run you through more of my training then please contact the association through email.


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