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"COACHES CORNER" with John Heard


Screening (As demonstrated by SACBA Hub-Titans Basketball player Josh Payne #32)

1. Setting screens properly is important.

2. The screener’s feet should be spread the width of his shoulders, his body balanced for a quick pivot and roll if necessary.

3. On screens set on the ball, the screener should first cut away, and then come up for the screen out of the vision of the player that is being screened.


4. Screens from the side should be set as tight as possible without actual contact with the defensive player.


5. Screens set away from the ball are more difficult because the defensive player has more room in which to manoeuvre. The important thing is to be in a position that prevents him from following the offensive player as he makes his cut off the screen.


6. All screens, except those specified, should be followed by a reverse pivot and roll to the basket.


7. Most outside screens (single and double) are usually set to allow a player to cut around, receive a pass and shoot over the screen. The screeners must be alert to slide slightly in either direction to help pick the defensive player and also to receive a pass if the defensive man guarding the screener drops off or tries to go around the screen.

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