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What is a Coach???

"COACHES CORNER" with John Heard

Focus: "What is a coach???"

The function of the "Coach" in basketball is dependent on the level at which they are involved.

Beginners: At this level, it is our responsibility to teach and assist the players to develop their skills. The “real” coach not only is able to teach the skill but can also quickly identify what the player is doing wrong in the execution of the skill and take steps to correct the fault before it becomes a bad habit. These coaches must have the knowledge and ability to run drills to help the development of these skills and to make them fun and enjoyable. 

Juniors (U-14 having developed the basics): We need now to be teaching more team oriented options. This includes screening, 2 on 2, and 3 on 3 situations. Team oriented man on man defence can also be developed.

Juniors 15-18: Team defences and emphasis on rebounding with continuing refining of the skills and development of team offences is our role. “Winning” now enters the vocabulary, but this should not take precedents over the continuing improvement of the players.

Seniors: At this level, as a coach, we would hope that the players have developed their skills to a level that minimal drills on the basics should be necessary to maintain their competence. The Coach at this level is now developing team tactics and also being able to understand the players’ motivation – knowing what buttons to press to get the best out of them. Training sessions would have a significant proportion of scrimmage time.

As Coaches, we need to keep the training sessions interesting but challenging. Discipline is an ingredient which should be understood. Sessions should be varied. We need to understand the purpose of the drills we run. We have access to a great deal of material from the internet, but we need to understand the material and any drills we make use of to ensure we apply it for the benefit of the players.

Coaching is challenging, but it can be enjoyable and rewarding. I encourage coaches ask questions, talk to other coaches, share ideas – be prepared to learn.


If you'd like me to come out to your training sessions and run you through more of my training then please contact the association through email.


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