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1079Life partnership
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1079 The Right Numbers for Joint SA Church Basketball Partnership"


The SA Church Basketball Association (SACBA) and the SA Church Stars Basketball Club have joined with family radio station 1079Life in a landmark partnership for all organisations. 1079Life with its reach to over a quarter of Adelaide will provide promotion, news and community support about the pathways that SA Church Basketball offers for the city of Adelaide.


SACBA president Neil Sheehan believes that increasing their presence through radio will grant the opportunity for more families to become involved in their competition. “All of us have similar values where our priorities are Community, Faith and Basketball. We are really keen for those interested in improving fitness, learning new skills and connecting with others to hear about SA Church Basketball” Neil said about the landmark partnership for the church sports area of outreach.



SA Church Stars Basketball Club Chair Leighton Boyd was also pleased the partnership would help spread the word about what SA Church Basketball offers the community, “While sport is competitive in nature, this can go too far, sport doesn’t need to be an experience that damages relationships or people’s confidence. At SA Church Basketball we pride ourselves in creating an environment that is family friendly and supportive where people of all ages can participate.” Leighton shared about the club.

1079 Life will also be the naming rights sponsor for communications. This is in addition to continuing to receive content and involvement with shows such as SA Grassroots and The Takeover. SACBA Growth and Development Officer Tristan Prentice a regular on these shows begun conversations with the station about church sports presence several years ago and feels blessed the partnership has occurred, “The conversations actually started several years ago when I attended an event and mentioned about both SACBA and STARS to the station head David Turrell. For many reasons the timing wasn’t quite right but with good things that take time to grow, Jesus was sowing seeds and during the COVID-19 period the pieces dropped into place for all organisations with a strengthened relationship that has been built over the last few years.” Tristan described the process that helped connect all parties for this partnership.

David Turrell, CEO of 1079 Life, is very excited by the partnership. "it "fits inline with our efforts to support local sports" he shared on behalf of the station 


Make sure you tune into 1079Life daily to hear our joint promotions, stories from our members and all the good news of SA Church Basketball in South Australia.” 

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