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SACBA 3X3 Rules (As of Winter 2019)

3X3 is a growing form of the game and the rules are slightly different to your standard competition games, read about basic 3X3 rules here...more

Understanding the USF 

When the game is tight, to foul or not to foul and how to foul well, here is part 2 that explains the new USF rule more

The Air up There

What happens with the rules when the ball is airborne? Find out here more

You only have 24 now

In 2019 season, the clock has been shortened to 24 seconds, here's why more

Changes affecting Church Basketball

FIBA have done some rule tweaks from 2019 Season, here is part two of those rule updates more

8 Seconds in Backcourt

Why does the whistle blow if you take too long to get it into your scoring half of the court, find out right here...more

1,2,3 Seconds

Learn all about the 3 second rule in the key right here more

Was it out of bounds?

A player is out-of-bounds when any part of his body is in contact with the floor, or any object other than a player above, on or outside the boundary line.more

The Travel Rule

Part of the travel rule has been rewritten as of October 2017, read all about the update and how you can learn how to move with the ball on court with our head of officials, SACBOA'S own Allan Polkinghorne...more

Dribbling the Ball

A dribble is the movement of a live ball caused by a player in control of that ball who throws, taps, rolls the ball on the floor or deliberately throws it against the backboard more

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