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The Air up There

Art. 30 Ball returned to the backcourt

30-1: While airborne, a player retains the same status relative to the playing court as where he was last touching the playing court before jumping into the air. However, when an airborne player jumps from his frontcourt and gains control of the ball while still airborne, he is the first player on his team to establish a new team control. If his momentum then returns him to his backcourt, he is helpless to avoid not returning also with the ball to his backcourt. Therefore, if an airborne player establishes a new team control, that player’s position relative to the frontcourt/backcourt shall not be determined until the player has returned with both feet to the playing court.

We encourage you to pre and post game ask the Umpire-In-Charge (this is their role) how they determine this call and keep open respectful conversation with the Umpire-In-Charge

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