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Art. 29 24 seconds

29.1. Rule

29.1.1. Whenever:

• A player gains control of a live ball on the playing court,
• On a throw-in, the ball touches or is legally touched by any player on the playing court and the team of that player taking the throw-in remains in control of the ball, that team must attempt a shot for a field goal within 24 seconds.

To constitute a shot for a field goal within 24 seconds:

• The ball must leave the player's hand(s) before the shot clock signal sounds, and After the ball has left the player's hand(s), the ball must touch the ring or enter the basket.

29.1.2. When a shot for a field goal is attempted near the end of the 24-second period and the shot clock signal sounds while the ball is in the air:

• If the ball enters the basket, no violation has occurred, the signal shall be disregarded and the goal shall count.
• If the ball touches the ring but does not enter the basket, no violation has occurred, the signal shall be disregarded and the game shall continue.
• If the ball misses the ring, a violation has occurred. However, if the opponents gain immediate and clear control of the ball, the signal shall be disregarded and the game shall continue. When the backboard is equipped with yellow lighting along its perimeter at the top, the lighting takes precedence over the shot clock signal sound. All restrictions related to goaltending and interference shall apply.

We encourage you to pre and post game ask the Umpire-In-Charge (this is their role) how they determine this call and keep open respectful conversation with the Umpire-In-Charge

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