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The Travel Rule

Article 25. Travelling.

Part of the travel rule has been rewritten (1st October 2017), however Art. 25.2.1 dot point 1, and Art 25.2.3 remain although the latter has been renumbered to Art. 25.2.2. (Please refer to the )

Art. 25.2.1 dot point 2 now goes on to say, “A player who catches the ball while he is progressing or upon completion of a dribble may take two steps in coming to a stop (the second step being the pivot foot), passing or shooting the ball:

  • If receiving the ball, the player shall release the ball to start his dribble before he lifts his pivot foot. (existing principle)

  • The first step occurs when one foot touches the floor after gaining control of the ball. (This foot is now NOT the pivot foot).

  • The second step occurs after the first step when the other foot touches the floor (and this foot becomes the pivot foot).

  • If the player who comes to a stop on his first step has both feet on the floor or they touch the floor simultaneously, he may pivot using either foot as his pivot foot. If he then jumps with both feet NO foot may return to the floor before the ball is released from the hand(s) (but NOT to commence a dribble).

  • If a player lands with one foot he may only pivot using that foot.

  • If a player jumps off one foot on the first step he may land with both feet simultaneously for the second step. In this situation, the player may NOT pivot with either foot. If one or both feet then leave the floor no foot may return to the floor before the ball is released from the hand(s) for a pass or a shot (but NOT to commence a dribble).

  • If both feet are off the floor (when he controls the ball) and the player lands on both feet simultaneously, the moment one foot is lifted the other foot becomes the pivot foot.

  • A player may not touch the floor consecutively with the same foot (a hop) or both feet after ending his dribble or gaining control of the ball. Whilst reading about the implications of the new travel rule it is well to re-visit the two unchanged articles, namely Art. 25.1 dot point 1 and Art. 25.2.2, as these principles still apply.


We encourage you to pre and post game ask the Umpire-In-Charge (this is their role) how they determine this call and keep open respectful conversation with the Umpire-In-Charge.

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