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Go to a Tournament as a Group

Nothing helps you get to know your teammates better than going to a tournament together and it doesn't have to be a far distance. There are plenty of local tournaments only a short distance out of Adelaide including one my club has been to and will be attending in State Youth Games. What I love about SYG is the ability to play not only hoops but other different sports over the June long weekend. That will push some players out of their comfort zone but you'll also find out much about your character away from the sporting field.

But the thing that tops this most is having some time to actually hangout and get to know not only your teams but also your opponents away from the field/court. It actually makes competition more enjoyable when you know your opposition on a personalised level as you can enjoy healthy banter and friendly competition which is great for your development in many personal areas of our lives.

So have a think about what tournaments your team/church/club can go to together and enjoy the journey of getting to know your mates and also improve your ability on the court as well at the same time.

“Stand up for your players. Show them you care on and off the court” – Red Auerbach (Boston Celtics Coach)

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