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Go get Lunch Together

"Tip of the Month" - Go get lunch together

Whilst we are all hungry for buckets it's easy to have weeks where we play our game then leave to go back to each others lives without spending time with our teams in the fellowship of eating together. Doing this even only once a month will help your team get to know each other better (as you can see with our NBA stars from the US). The trick of doing this well (which is where we can fall down in a busy society) around three key things to foster this kind of culture in your club.

Timing, Planning and Location...

Timing should be built around your fixture, if you have an early game then get lunch together after your game, if a later game consider even an early dinner or a lighter lunch earlier in the day.

Planning should be used to help people coordinate their calendar, you'd have the team fixtures for your teams so even plan around all the teams in your club, you might even make a day of it to support each other, the possibilities are endless.

Location is key to the lunch gathering as you may have many players that can only afford a certain amount so consider the costs within deciding a location, also makes sure its near the venue or if your club plays at multiple venues then have the gathering somewhere in-between.

Natural opportunities for this can occur as well so use that as a bonus but also have some planned lunches together so no-one in your team misses out.


"Families that eat together stay together"

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